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The Path of a Salesman

gosbornMy career began in 1972 as an agent going door-to-door selling accident plans. Twenty-three years after a successful career as a sales agent, field trainer, and branch sales manager for three different sales organizations, I decided to open an independent agency in Springfield, MO. I founded Osborn & Associates in April of 1993 and was fortunate enough to attract a core sales force of exceptional agents to help get us off the ground. Many of these agents are still our partners today.  We take pride in the relationships we build and the support we provide. My son, John C. Osborn, joined the agency in the spring of 2001. He quickly transitioned into an effective sales agent, and then further progressed into building and servicing the sales and marketing division of our organization. He brings a passion and willingness to not only help our organization technologically, but to volunteer for numerous industry associations and work toward creating a better industry as a whole. Much of our growth has been furthered by the systems we use and share with agents to help manage and grow their business. We take pride in our ability to provide cutting edge technology, agency management systems, and sales aids that help simplify and streamline agents’ lives.

Who We Are NowFather and son

Osborn & Associates is first and foremost a sales organization. We have evolved from a Medicare supplement agency into a marketing organization that supports over 350 agents for all lines of life and health insurance. Our product portfolio continues to focus primarily on providing solutions for agents and their Medicare beneficiaries. However, as the industry changes; we have taken a lead in forging the path for agents growing their business in Major Medical, Life Insurance, and Ancillary products. We are committed to staying on the cutting edge and providing our clients, agents, and community the best products available today because change is a constant in our industry. We feel honored to be part of what we consider to be the greatest profession in the world. We market the products that provide the public peace of mind. We believe that if we can do what we love and help people along the way, then we are truly blessed. Even after 42 years in the insurance industry, I can honestly say that I’m more excited about the opportunities available now than when I started.

Good Luck and Happy Selling!   – Gary J. Osborn RHU LUTCF